Tran Sexuality
Question : A girl has naturally lots of male hormones. She intends to get surgery to become a male, and currently the only semi-visible female characteristics her body has are her breasts. Is it permissible that she uses male clothing?
Answer : If the said girl has female genitals and not male genitals, she should consider herself to be a girl and it is not permissible for her to imitate men by wearing male clothes. She can treat herself for the excessive male hormones medically.
Tran Sexuality
Question : Is there any punishment (Hudd) mentioned in the holy Quran for Homosexuality?
Answer : There is punishment mentioned in the Holy Quran with regards to the homosexuality. However, it is mentioned in the Sunnah – narrations of the prophet and the imams of the Ahlulbait.
Tran Sexuality
Question : Would you be so kind to inform me what the situation of transexuals in Islam is?
Answer : Transforming to a female can be of two forms:
1. If the person is really a female with feminine specifications like a womb and female reproduction organs but with some male characters and the transformation process is merely to strengthen her feminism and show its clear characters then the said person is actually a female and all applicable laws apply to her.
2. If the said person is actually a male with some feminine characters like fineness in voice or similar characters then it is not allowed to consider that person a female.
Tran Sexuality
Question : How is one supposed to treat people that are homosexual/transsexual in their society?
Answer : Performance with the same sex is not accepted in all religions. People who are infected with this problem should seek cure to it so they can live a healthy life. Submission to the right to practice such kind of sex does not solve the problem. instead, it complicates it since sex is not a pure desire, it is a bestowal from the Almighty Lord to be used to live happily and establish a family with strong ties that is based on love and compassion where every member in the family can satisfy the emotional need of the others and offer support should other family members suffer from the hardships of life.
The Said relations can not be achieved by homosexuals. They should cure themselves to be normal people who value life and enjoy all enormous desires given by Almighty God.