Day Questions

Most scholars say that only Muslims will be rewarded heaven, and no non-Muslim will go to heaven, because what virtue they did was awarded accordingly in this world and have, therefore, no reward in Hereafter. What are your views about them?

There is no doubt that Almighty Allah does not accept any religion but Islam. Almighty Allah said: ”And whoso seeks as religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the Hereafter". (3:35)

I would like to know if I can change my Taqleed from a living Mujtahid to Ayatullah Sayyid Sa'eed al-Hakeem?

You should stay on your Taqleed unless it is proven to you that his eminence Sayyid al-Hakeem (may Allah prolong his life) is more knowledgeable than your current Marja by referring to the experts who can certify this when they refer to the juristic derivation ways of both of them.

Is it permissible to enter a mosque without doing the ghusl of touching the corpse?

It is permissible for the individual who is required to perform the ghusl of touching the corpse to enter a mosque before doing so.