Day Questions

Is it permissible for me to accept payment for a dua that I did for someone?

Yes, it is permissible, but it is better if the payment is given and taken as a gift.

If I speak to a woman about temporary marriage and explain to her the conditions, which she understands, does she then need to explicitly say which of the three religions she follows? Or will her statement of understanding the conditions be sufficient?

One must make sure that she follows one of the three religions before he can marry her. If he knows that she follows one of these religions but does not know which one, then he does not need to find out.

I want to ask that as a Shia am I allowed to offer prayer behind those who does not believe in the imamate of the Ahlulbait?

It is permissible to do so if such prayers cause closeness between the hearts. It is not permissible if this was for the sake of adulation. However, one should recite himself in the first two rak'as.