Day Questions

If a woman considers that offering prayers with hands closed on the breast is obligatory or recommended, then is her prayer valid?

If the woman did this while not being aware of its being wrong, then this does not affect the validity of her prayers. If she was aware that it is not legislated and insisted on doing this then the prayer is invalid.

How is one supposed to treat people that are homosexual/transsexual in their society?

Performance with the same sex is not accepted in all religions. People who are infected with this problem should seek cure to it so they can live a healthy life. Submission to the right to practice such kind of sex does not solve the problem. instead, it complicates it since sex is not a pure desire, it is a bestowal from the Almighty Lord to be used to live happily and establish a family with strong ties that is based on love and compassion where every member in the family can satisfy the emotional need of the others and offer support should other family members suffer from the hardships of life. The Said relations can not be achieved by homosexuals. They should cure themselves to be normal people who value life and enjoy all enormous desires given by Almighty God.

Is there a need to shave the hair of the man's head when performing the Aqeeqah?

There is no recommendation for the man to shave his head when his Aqeeqah is slaughtered.

I want to fast for two months as a Kaffara for breaking one day’s fast 23 years ago. Should I keep them continuously? Or should I fast for one month together and remaining 30 casually?

The Kaffara for deliberate breaking one day of fasting is feeding sixty needy people. Alternatively, it can be fasting two consecutive months. If the fasting begins on the first day of a lunar month, it is sufficient to fast one day from the second month to satisfy the condition of fasting consecutively, and one can separate the fasting of the remaining days as he wishes after that. If fasting started after the beginning of the lunar month, then based on compulsory precaution, 31 consecutive days must be fasted. The remaining fasts do not have to be consecutive.