The Obligation of Hijab
Question :

A lot of women in the Western countries deny the obligation of hijab. They say that in modern life hijab isn't necessary because the rest of society is not wearing it.
1. What is the status of hijab in Islam?
2. Is hijab obligatory or recommended?
3. In which context are women allowed to stop wearing hijab?

Answer :

Hijab is mandatory for a woman and she cannot leave it after reaching the age of bulugh – which is completing the age of nine lunar years. She must continue to wear it until she reaches an age at which she is not conventionally expected to marry.
Hijab is a religious obligation that does not change because of time and place. The laws of the Islamic religion are from God and they last until the Day of Judgment.

Parents Forbid Hijab
Question :

What should those girls do whose parents forbid them to wear the hijab?

Answer :

It is obligatory on the woman to wear hijab regardless of the position of the parents. It is prohibited to obey them in this case.