Day Questions

What is the ruling on having permanent or temporary tattoos?

The mentioned act is allowed but it is not allowed to have it if it prevents water from reaching the skin during ablution - Wudhu - and ritual ablution - Ghusl. It is also not allowed to put on pictures that propagate prohibited acts or enjoin evil.

Do Mujtahids differ in the laws of the prayer? For example one tells us to pray this way and another tells us to pray another way?

It is natural to have different derivations as people differ in their understanding of a single text, whereas the Mujtahids deal with numerous texts, plus the fact that as time passes further away from the time of the texts, fallacies and probabilities increase. From this, the mission of a Mujtahid becomes harder and his responsibility becomes greater in protecting the religion in a correct way and to the greatest possible extent. The oppressors and the liars throughout the times have made obstacles for us in obtaining the truths from the Imams (peace be upon them) which made the mission of the Mujtahids more difficult. Therefore some variations are to be expected.

What is the rule about placing a symbolic things and personal effects with the deceased in the grave, like burying a girl's doll with her?

It is permissible place items such as dolls in the grave; but, one should be concerned about what benefits the deceased in his grave.

Is it permissible to wear shoes made from natural leather?

It is permissible to wear such shoes, but it is considered najis if they were bought in a non-Muslim country and if one doesn’t know whether the leather was from an animal that was slaughtered according to the Sharia.