Day Questions

If one hears someone recites Quran, is it obligatory on him to correct the mistakes of his recitation?

Although it is a good thing, it is not obligatory to correct the mistakes in the Quran recitation of other people.

Is adoption permissible according to the Sharia?

<p style="text-align: left;">Providing for and raising a non-Mahram child is permissible; in fact, it is highly recommended if the child requires such care. Rather, it may even become obligatory if the child’s life depends on it. However, rulings related to the father-son relationship, such as inheritance, will not apply.</p>

Is insurance on a house or any property allowed?

It is permissible if it is based on an agreement that the insurance policy holder pays a particular amount of money in exchange for the insurer to pay for loss and damage as stipulated in the contract.