Day Questions

It has been mentioned on your website that it is allowed to play state-sponsored lottery, but the prize should be collected on behalf of the religious authority (the Marja). How do we collect the prize on behalf of the Marja?

If a believer receives money that is taken from a government organization, and it is known that the money had once belonged to a Muslim, it is still regarded as being owned by him. One can take this money by intending to take it on behalf of the Marja, and then he can assume ownership of it. It is better to help the needy believers with some part of it.

Is it permissible to eat the meat of the kangaroo?

It is prohibited to consume the meat of the kangaroo based on compulsory precaution.

What is Islam’s attitude towards non-Muslims? Do Islam and the Quran say that people who do not convert to Islam should be killed? What is your opinion?

This is not but one of the attempts to deface the clear image of Islam because of odd actions of some Salafis and those who accuse others with infidelity by raising religious slogans that encourage killing of whoever disagrees with them even if they were Muslims. The relations between Muslims and the followers of other religions in Muslim countries throughout history were based on agreement and cohabitation.

What is the ruling on smoking shisha or cigarettes just outside the mosques and Islamic places of worship?

It is permissible to smoke in the places adjacent to the mosques and Islamic places of worship.