Day Questions

I ended temporary marriage by chatting online with my wife, because we were far away from each other. Is the procedure valid?

The contract of the temporary marriage is ended when its set time is ended or by the man waiving and forgoing the remainder of the time. This can be by stating: "Wahabtu ... (so-and-so) ma tabaqqa min muddat iz-Zawaj," mentioning the wife's name in place of "so-and-so". This means, "I waive for so-and-so the remaining time of the marriage." It is permissible to state this in any other language. After you did so, you can inform her by chatting online or by any other means.

Are Muslims allowed to go to the cinema?

It is permissible to watch movies in the cinema unless it involves committing a prohibition like arousing unlawful desires or other prohibitions.

Is mourning Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) permissible or recommended?

The commemoration of the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) is amongst the best deeds that the religious texts have emphasized on, and it is narrated that there are great rewards for those who perform it.

If the father of a girl marries her off, without her approval, is the marriage valid?

If she subsequently agrees to the marriage then it will be valid. However, if she does not agree to this marriage, then it is void.

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