Day Questions

How should I explain to a Hindu friend that their food is najis? My Hindu friend has studied parts of Islam and he knows that the pig, dog, urine, blood, alcohol and a few other disgusting things are najis. He finds it offensive that I consider him and even his four-year-old child najis. Please provide ideas on how I can explain this to him.

Not all their food is najis. If their food is dry and they have not touched it with dampness, such as nuts or fruit, then they are not najis. You do not have to inform him of such a law. It is better to deal with him nicely and avoid dealing with such an issue.

Is it permissible to watch movies and TV shows, where female actors are in it?

It is permissible to watch them, unless it causes lust and desire.

In the circumstance of two people who are happy with each other’s religion and behaviors and there is no doubt in their minds of wanting to marry one another, would an Istikhara be required to try and find out if they should get married?

Istikhara is not obligatory but it was narrated that it is used when there is doubt in the person’s mind. Istikhara for marriage when the conditions are met does not correspond to what is reported in the narrations about accepting a person for marriage when the conditions are met. Yes. It is better to seek the goodness from the Almighty and depend on Him.

Can I pay the dower in installments to my wife because my financial situation does not allow me to pay full amount in one time?

If the time of dower payment is due then it must be paid in full when the wife asks for it. The husband does not have to pay it on time if the wife agrees to delay the payment. Also if the husband is unable to pay it, then it is permissible for him to postpone the payment or part of it.