Day Questions

If my hand comes in contact with semen, and I touch a mobile phone, but I am not sure if I touched it with the najis hand or the tahir hand, then what should I do with this phone? I cannot wash it because it will be ruined. What do you suggest?

As long as you are not sure that your hand was najis when you touched the mobile phone, you can consider it as tahir. Furthermore, najasah is transferred from one thing to another if the dampness in one of them is transferred to the other. If the mobile phone does become najis, then it cannot be purified again except with water. It is not prohibited to use it while it is najis.

When I wipe my head in wudhu, I make a parting in my hair in order for the scalp to be wiped with the wetness of the wudhu. Do I need to do this?

It is not necessary to wipe in this way. It is sufficient to wipe over the hair of the front of the head and it is not obligatory for the dampness of the wudhu to reach the scalp.