What is Masturbation
Question :

Can you please explain what masturbation is? If a person has masturbated in the past without knowing that it is forbidden, will he have to repeat the prayers?

Answer :

Masturbation is stimulating the genitalia for the sake of ejaculation. This is prohibited. But if a person was unaware of it being prohibited, then God may overlook this.
If ejaculation occurs, then the person enters the state of janabah, and he is required to undertake the ghusl. If he did not do so, the prayers after that will be invalid. If he undertakes ghusl for another reason, e.g. the ghusl of Friday, the state of janabah ends and the prayers after this ghusl are valid until he enters the state of janabah through masturbation again. He will need to repeat those prayers that were invalid because of the failure to do ghusl.

Question : Is the wife allowed to insert her fingers into her private parts while talking on phone, in order to get sexual comfort?
Answer : The married couple can talk to each other over the phone with sexual talks. But it is not permissible for rub the private parts using the hands or any other thing.
Question : Is it permissible to masterbate while talking with ones wife on the phone?
Answer : It is not permissible.
Question : Am I allowed to masturbate without ejaculation?
Answer : No, it is not permissible.
Question : I have heard that masturbation is prohibited; but what if you couldn't do Muta with any women or even get married, and you really needed to fulfill your desires, would masturbation become permissible?
Answer : It is not lawful. You should have patience and depend on Almighty Allah and ask Him to ease the way to get marriage, as He would never prohibit you from committing a sin and not allow you to satisfy the desire if you choose the permissible way.
sexual intercourse
Question : With regards to masturbation, if one is engaging in sexual intercourse with his wife, and near the end one may need to use his hand to ejaculate, is this permissible?
Answer : It is impermissible to cause ejaculation by one’s own hand in the said case.
Sexual Relations with the Spouse
Question : If a person during phone sex with his wife, moves his body and applies internal pressure on his private parts in order to ejaculate, without using his hands, will this be considered permissible or is this masturbation?
Answer : If the semen is released with the movement on the private part or by placing, certain pressure on it in order to release the semen then this is considered as masturbation and it is prohibited.
The Prohibition of Masturbatin
Question :

As I understand, it is prohibited to hurt oneself. However, masturbation has a lot of benefits, as it removes depression, removes the sexual tension that can cause stress, lowers the risk of children being born with any handicap. Therefore, it seems that not masturbating is harming oneself, and it is recommended by doctors, so why is it prohibited in Islam?

Answer :

The following points can be considered to answer your questions:
Firstly: The divine Legislator has issued rulings related to organizing sexual relations that leads to having sex without suppression and without the need to masturbate. Islam emphasizes early marriage and permits temporary marriage. However, society created impediments and obstructions for the proper implementation of these rules and guidance. So, in reality, society is to blame and the deficiency is not in Islamic law.
Secondly: The medical research presents ideas that are subject to change, based on the development of such research. They do not present a definite, absolute reality. As such research is subject to change and development in the future, they cannot be relied upon. Such scientific research are also unable to detect the totality of the effects of masturbation, including the spiritual effect.
Thirdly: If somebody enjoys habitual masturbation and is satisfied with it, this could lead to social decay. If women satisfy themselves and men satisfy themselves, this will be detrimental to the formation of good family units, and this harm is greater than any benefit that the medical research can try to prove, especially after the existence of other alternatives mentioned in the first point, like early marriage or temporary marriage.

Question : I am 22 years old, and I have been masturbating for a very long time. Can you please advise me about any cure from the Quran to stop committing this sin.
Answer : There is no verse in the Holy Quran that appears to have a cure for this habit. However, getting married and fulfilling your desires in the permissible way is one of the best ways to stop committing this prohibited act. It was reported that whoever gets married, two thirds of his religion is guarded.
Question : Nowadays there are many youths that are in a state of confusion and cannot get married easily; are they really to blame for this situation and could it really be prohibited?
Answer : It is not permissible to masturbate. To satisfy the sexual desire, one should look for proper and religiously accepted ways by permanent or temporary marriage.
Question : I am facing a problem that I cannot marry due to family, education and career problems I have to establish myself first which will take a few years. I am doing as much as I can to stop masturbating, but sometimes I cannot help it. Am I committing a sin?
Answer : Masturbation is prohibited and you should stop doing to it, repent to Almighty Allah from committing it and seek His forgiveness. When you commit this sin again, you should quickly remember that it is prohibited and repent as this may be a cause for your success in overcoming the prohibited actions.
Forgiveness After Masturbation
Question :

I find that I have become addicted to masturbating. I masturbate, then ask Allah for his forgiveness, then I masturbate again and this cycle continues. Is it possible to ask Allah for His forgiveness?

Answer :

You should seek forgiveness and you should not despair of the mercy of Allah, no matter how many times you commits sins, as Almighty Allah does not close the door of mercy and forgiveness no matter how often one commits sins. You should strengthen yourself against your sinful desires and make yourself busy with what benefits you until Almighty Allah grants you an opportunity to get married. We ask Him to guard you, as He is most merciful.

Missed Prayers after Masturbation
Question :

If one masturbates for some time and didn't know that he has to perform Ghusl because of the ejaculation; does he have to repeat all the fasting days and make up his prayers that he performed without the Ghusl?

Answer :

Masturbation is a prohibited act and should be avoided with seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah and repenting to Him. The prayers that the person knows that he did after masturbating and before performing Ghusl should be repeated. It is not required to make up the fasts.

Question : If a man masturbates, must he do ghusl in cold water?
Answer : Masturbation is prohibited, and whoever commits such a sin should repent and seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah, but it is not obligatory on him to perform the ghusl with cold water.
Watching Videos of Wife
Question :

If while one is looking at pictures or videos of his wife that are sexually arousing, his body subconsciously begins to exert efforts to ejaculate, which will happen if one puts slight internal pressure on his genitalia to release, without the use of one's hands or anything else. Is such an act permissible? Or is it tantamount to masturbation?

Answer :

It is not permissible to move the sexual organ using hands or any other means. It is permissible to view videos or pictures of the wife that cause sexual arousal.

Question : What is the punishment for masturbation?
Answer : Masturbation is prohibited, and one can relieve himself from the divine punishment by asking Him for forgiveness and repenting to Him.
Question : Is there a specific Kaffara for the sin of masturbation?
Answer : Masturbation is prohibited, and there is no specific Kaffara for it, as not all sins have a Kaffara for them.
Fasting and Masturbation
Question :

What is the ruling on masturbating during fasting of fasts other than the month of Ramadan, such as fasts obligated due to vows and non-obligatory fasts? Does masturbation also invalidate the non-Ramadan fasts?

Answer :

Masturbation is prohibited at all times, and invalidates all types of fast if semen is ejaculated.