The Press Release on the Attack Against two Mosques in New Zealand

The Press Release on the Attack Against two Mosques in New Zealand

Surely, we are Allah’s, and surely to Him we shall return.

A group of xenophobic terrorists attacked Muslims who were praying in two mosques in New Zealand, in which around 50 innocent civilian Muslims were killed and more than 40 injured.

We condemn this act of terrorism, which has arisen from malicious xenophobia, and we call upon relevant parties to the following:
Firstly, the protection of the mosques and Islamic institutions and places of worship, and ensuring their right to safely and securely worship and practice their rituals of faith.

Secondly, to stand up against this xenophobic thinking which is another face of terrorism, and to follow up on those parties who are feeding it and supporting it, and to punish them appropriately, taking into regard the vicious crimes that have arisen from such hatred.

We pay our condolences to the families of the victims, and to all the Muslims living those lands, and we supplicate to the Almighty to heal hastily those injured and wounded, for He is the Most Merciful.

And there is no power and no might, save that of God’s.

Day Questions

Who is an Adil person?

An Adil person is one who avoids sins, and repents when a sin is committed and does not insist on committing the sin.

I have hired various persons who are poor and pious believers and mostly careful in Sharia laws to make up for the lapsed prayers of my late wife. Now I have been told that they cannot offer prayers at the same time. Is this true?

It is not a requirement in the prayers on behalf of the deceased that they are not offered at the same time. They can offer the prayers based on their own circumstances and time.

Is it true that if the congregational prayer is some distance away and I come into the prayer hall and the Imam is in the bowing position, I can do Takbeeratul-Ihram and bow down where I am and walk in the state of bowing to join the congregation?

When present in the place of congregational prayer, one can recite Takbeeratul-Ihram - even if not close to the group of the congregation - and walk even during prostration to join the congregation.