Day Questions

Is the making of a snowman allowed?

No, it is not permissible.

If a woman in her menstrual period hears the verse with the obligatory prostration, is she obligated to perform the prostration? Is it possible to do so without a hijab, and on a carpet?

Yes, it is obligatory on her to prostrate when hearing the verse of prostration. It is permissible without hijab, and based on an obligatory precaution it should be on natural earth like soil, stones, rocks and similar materials, or on what grows on earth provided that it is not consumed for food or worn as clothing.

Is it possible to have a permanent marriage with a follower of the Christian faith, or is only temporary marriage permissible with them?

It is permissible to marry a Christian wife temporarily and permanently. Marrying her permanently is invalid without the permission of the Muslim wife if he is married to one.