Day Questions

If one does not have time in the morning to perform Friday Ghusl, can he perform it before Fajr, or even in the evening on Thursday after Maghrib, when it is considered as the night eve of Friday? Does this Ghusl compensate the need to perform Wudhu?

The ghusl on Friday is not legislated to be performed before Fajr on Friday or after Maghrib on Thursday, and as such will not compensate the requirement to perform wudhu.

If a man has a gold tooth, is his prayer valid?

It is permissible to have a gold tooth if it is not conventionally considered as beautification. If it is considered as beautification, then based on an obligatory precaution one should refrain from having one and the prayers with it is invalid.

I have heard that it is necessary to cut your nails before ghusl of menstruation. Is this true?

It is not obligatory to trim or cut the nails before ghusl of menstruation.