Day Questions

What is the ruling on smoking shisha or cigarettes just outside the mosques and Islamic places of worship?

It is permissible to smoke in the places adjacent to the mosques and Islamic places of worship.

If a person commits an act which his marja deems to be prohibited, and on Judgment Day it is discovered that the act was not actually a sin after all, will this person not be punished for it since the act was not prohibited? Or will he get punished because he disobeyed the edict of his marja?

The said person is not considered as disobedient, but is liable for proceeding to commit an act that he was informed to be a sin. An example of this is if a person drinks from a glass thinking it to be wine, but it turns out to be water.

Can we enter a new temporary marriage contract before the end of the current one? Can we waive the current time period remaining and then enter into a new contract?

If the two parties wanted to renew the contact before its specified time ends, the husband should forgo the remaining time and there are no specific words for doing that.