Day Questions

After I urinate, sometimes a thicker liquid that is discharged looks very much like semen. Do I have to perform ghusl every time this happens?

What comes after urinating is called wadi and is not semen. Therefore, it does not require any ghusl.

If somebody is following a certain Marja and he discovers that there is another Marja who is in the same level of knowledge according to a statement by a member of Ahlul-Khibra, can he choose between the two?

It is not permissible to change the said Marja unless it is proven by religious evidence that another Mujtahid is more knowledgeable than him.

Is it prohibited to wear natural leather?

No, it is permissible to wear natural leather; but if it was taken from an animal not slaughtered according to Islamic laws, then the leather is najis and wearing it during prayers makes it invalid and it makes whatever it comes in wet contact with najis.