Day Questions

Do bleeding gums make wudhu void?

No, the bleeding of the gums does not invalidate the wudhu.

What is the difference between the conventional divorce and the divorce of khula?

If the wife hates her husband in such a way that she does not fulfill her marital religious obligations with her husband or she threatens him in a serious way to stop fulfilling such duties, then it is permissible to divorce her by way of khula, by her paying him in exchange for him giving her the divorce. In this case, the husband cannot return to the marital relations during the waiting period (the iddah). In other cases, the divorce may not be by khula, like when they both agree to drop the husband’s financial obligations for the wife in exchange for him divorcing her. The divorce in this case is conventional, i.e. the man has the right to return to the marital relation during the waiting period.

I want to have temporary marriage with a woman. I feel more comfortable to contract this marriage on the internet by chatting with her through instant messaging . Is this permissible?

It is necessary for both parties to have live verbal communication with one another during the pronouncing of the formula of the contract, so writing and typing alone is not sufficient.

Is blood seen in the chicken egg considered as najis or tahir?

The mentioned blood is tahir but one is not permitted to consume it based on an obligatory precaution.