Day Questions

If I was married to a woman in a permanent marriage and we have divorced, is the mother of my ex-wife still a Mahram to me? And does the ruling differ in case of temporary marriage?

If a man conducts a marriage contract with a woman, it is permanently prohibited to marry her mother. This ruling does not differ between temporary and permanent marriage.

May I give my kaffara to an organization that will carry out the feeding for 60 people?

It is permissible to give it to whom you trust, who will act upon your behalf in fulfilling the religious obligation. If it is proven to you that they did not spend it the correct way, you are still responsible to pay it again. One should make sure of the organization that you give your kaffara money to.

I have a lot of pain and the doctor has ordered some pain relief patches that I should put on my skin. It must stay on my body for a week, and then I have to remove it and attach another one. During the week I may not remove it, but what should I do if I have to perform an obligatory ghusl, while having the patch on my skin?

If the patch can be removed during the ghusl time, then one should do so and wash the skin underneath the patch directly. If this is not possible, you should wipe the water over the patch in ghusl, and tayammum should be performed as well.