Day Questions

I want to ask you, how many grams of gold can a female wear on her body? Or is it unlimited?

There is no religious limit for the weight of gold that a woman can wear.

If a Muslim leaves for work before dawn, can he offer his morning prayers before dawn, as he doesn't return home until late, and there are no facilities on the way to work to perform the prayer?

One can offer the prayer anywhere, even in a place not designated for prayers, after the time of the prayer has arrived. The prayer before the time is not valid.

It is mentioned the edicts of His Eminence that the fish must be taken out of the water alive when it was caught in order for it to be lawful to consume. If there is fish in a shop and it has scales, or the eggs of such a fish, how am I supposed to know whether it was caught dead or alive? Does this mean we have to know that this fish in particular in front of us was caught alive? Or can we make assumptions based on the possibility that it was caught alive?

The conventional and usual way of fishing and catching fish is according to the sharia-defined way, i.e. take the fish alive from the water. So the doubt whether it is caught alive or not is usually not reasonable and one can ignore it. But if the doubt is based on evidence indicating that there is also a convention that people catch fish in another way in which the fish die in the water, this will make the consumption of such fish unlawful.

What is the ruling on smoking shisha or cigarettes just outside the mosques and Islamic places of worship?

It is permissible to smoke in the places adjacent to the mosques and Islamic places of worship.