Day Questions

If temporary marriage was contracted for a week with a woman who was a traveler, and she travelled away the next day without notice, must her dowry be paid in full?

If he asked her to be with him during the duration of the marriage and she refused, or he has previously stipulated this on her and she refused to act upon this, he is not liable to pay that portion of the dowry in proportion to the percentage of the time she was unavailable.

I was using the toilet and the urine splashed onto my body which I did not wash. Also a few drop of urine fell on my underwear accidently, which I did not wash. I went to bed and started to sweat. Does that make the rest of my clothes Najis?

The part of the body and clothing that came in contact with urine becomes najis, and whatever comes in contact with the najis body or clothing with transferring dampness also becomes najis. So, if the sweat transfers the wetness from the najis body or clothing to anything else, the latter also becomes najis.

Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to take part in a show that will provide news dealing with political and social issues as well as the growing islamophobia in a satirical way?

The woman is permitted to participate in social and political activities – while observing the hijab and other related religious obligations – such as if her participation contributes to fighting oppression or helping oppressed people. There is no doubt that it is recommended to defend Islam and clarify its real image against the powers who try to discredit and twist it.

Is it permissible to wear shoes made from natural leather?

It is permissible to wear such shoes, but it is considered najis if they were bought in a non-Muslim country and if one doesn’t know whether the leather was from an animal that was slaughtered according to the Sharia.