Day Questions

There is a group in Turkey called the “Alevi”. Are they considered to be Shia, or are they Ghulat?

If they are apparently observing Islam that is based on the two testimonies of faith, then they are regarded as Muslims even if they believe in some misguided ideas.

At the end of the khums year, I have some unspent savings as well as loans that I have to pay back. Can I deduct the loans from the saving and pay the khums on the remaining balance?

Yes, one should pay khums on the savings deducting the amount of the unpaid loan, if the borrowed money was spent to cover the expenses of the past year and not for that of previous years. However, if the loan was spent on expenses of previous years then it should not be deducted.

If a virgin girl enters into a temporary marriage contract with someone without the permission of her father, then is it valid in the eyes of God?

The temporary marriage contract is correct without the permission of the father, but it is not permissible to consummate the marriage without his permission.