Day Questions

Are Muslims allowed to go to the cinema?

It is permissible to watch movies in the cinema unless it involves committing a prohibition like arousing unlawful desires or other prohibitions.

When can I start performing Ayat prayer for the lunar eclipse? At the beginning of the penumbral eclipse or at the beginning of umbral eclipse?

The time of the Prayer of Signs starts when the beginning of lunar eclipse becomes visible - and this may not be during the penumbral stage of the eclipse - and it ends when the moon returns to its normal state.

Is it allowed to prostrate on rough sand or it must be rigid?

It is permissible to prostrate during prayers on sand whether it is rough or rigid.

I used to offer prayers behind an imam that does not recite the second Sura. Is my prayers valid?

The prayer behind such a person is invalid. Your previous prayers are in order if you believed that this person satisfied all the conditions of the imam of the congregational prayer and you did not know that he was not offering the second Sura.